The last day of an amazing year

OMG! It’s December 30th, yes there’s one more day to go, but it’s the day I decided to sit down and type something. Wow, what a year! I did NOT put it all in the website. Mostly because I got really lazy about posting. However! I have dates and times and photos. I am still behind the 8-ball for catching up the website posts. It will happen more often in the new year. I have been on a very long ‘vacation’ in 2021 reviewing, reassessing, re-learning a lot about why I play and how I go about it. And I have been deeply focused on my next move(s) in the coming years (plural!).

So I will say it here: a trio. Yes, a real power trio is going to happen. Maybe a quartet if I can manage to convince a few pianists to join me. Not an easy thing to try and accomplish. I will leave my options open. What about vocalists? Wellllll, I can always try that and ask people to join me and I can do some music with guest vocalists. I do not intend on having a permanent singer. Not part of my musical plan. I fully and deliberately intend on playing out as an instrumentalist. I know, a lot of people keep telling me that it’s not a good path to take. I have musician friends and close confidants that say the same, “don’t do only instrumental music”. I have taken those discussions under consideration and I have decided to move forward with exactly that. I’m just gonna be me and express myself through my guitar and see where it takes me. Yes. I will.

I recently posted on Facebook that I wanted to play/sound more like a bunch of my guitar heroes like Walter Trout, Gary Moore, Andy Timmons, Mike Stern (!), Kenny Burrell. I mean, I don’t want to copy people, I have my own style and sound. But yeah, I learn a lot from those guys. And I will take some of their live performance lessons with me. They still inspire me and make me stop and really listen. I mean deeply listen. Sometimes it’s about adjusting your sound on a crowded stage. Or sometimes it’s about maintaining contact and keeping everyone going in the same direction I am. That takes a lot of musical knowledge and musical experience. The only way to gain it is to just go out there and do it. Grab my guitar, head out to the studio and figure out how to get three musicians to play a set exactly how I envision it, how I hear it, how I want it. Yes? Maybe? I am going to try my best… See you out there… (if the clubs ever open up again…. sigh)