A gig and a birthday! 4/22/22

You are cordially invited to the 440’s rock show and birthday bash on Friday, April 22nd! Yes! A gig and a birthday! Let’s go!

The 440’s will be playing at Connolys Klub 45 on Friday 4/22 at 9PM. We will be hanging out early (7-ish) and probably eating a lot of birthday cake (Mom!). I will be celebrating my birthday and also we will be re-celebrating Pat Gillis’ birthday.. because we can!

Dang. I Wish!

As an added bonus to the event, The 440’s are pleased to announce that our performance (and our off-stage antics) will be filmed by a documentary film crew for an upcoming mini documentary. We do not have all of the details but it’s happening and they are gonna be there.

So come on down, we will be there a bit early and hang with us. The show starts at 9PM. See you all at the party! -RF