Playing at Connollys Friday August 20th at 8PM

Oh boy! We have a gig at Connollys in Times Square! Was this planned? Ummmm, maybe? It’s gonna be the 440’s rocking out some covers and originals. Maybe some friends will come and joins us on-stage for a few songs… maybe not. I have no idea.


Summer Jams and Learning New Music

Rene at DUMBO studio 14July2016

It’s been over eight months and I am still finding my way to getting a band, recording, performing back on track. I’m not complaining, just stating the facts. I have been playing with two bands that are doing completely different music. I have learned a lot about playing covers, when NOT to play covers and generally how to balance out volume and sound and tone between so many different types of musical styles. While all of THAT is happening, I am still exploring musical ideas and recording all of those little bit and pieces that may ultimately end up being an actual complete piece of music for my own project. I’m not there just yet… But I know that I am close. My main goal is to find what it is I want to perform and what I intend to say through that performance. This is not about technique or soloing or showing off. It’s about finding my way to a musical expression that will be both enjoyable for me (and my band members) to play and should resonate with my audience. I mean, let’s be real, it’s a show and it’s about doing this in front of an audience. Right? I’ll get there. And when I do, we will have a great time. See you soon.


Yes. That’s my newest toy. It’s a 1994 Les Paul Standard. I cannot properly describe how beautiful it sounds and plays. It’s a rare gem with a TONE that made a lot of people look up in appreciation. 🙂



Recording Sessions in May

So here I am, at SMASH Studios. Working hard on getting tracks and vocals done. We managed to lay down 12 tracks in one ten-hour session (yes, that’s crazy). And it’s a solid foundation to build on. Next up, vocals and backing tracks. And the following weekend will be guitars and leads.

rene_studio_May2015_03 rene_studio_May2015_02 rene_studio_May2015_01


And a good time was had by all

Thanks to all the great friends that came out to see us at Arlene’s Grocery! It was good to get on stage and cut loose. It’s been a long annoying winter. I wasn’t expecting to take such a long break but hey, lets get back out there and rock even harder at the next one. -RF
Rene Ferrer playing with Red Moon April 5th, 2013


April 2012 was the longest month ever!

And wow! Was that a hell of a ride or what? The entire month of April was like an explosion of events, gigs, new band discoveries (I saw some amazing bands in the most unlikeliest of places) and of course, BIRTHDAY PARTIES! It was non-stop until the very last day of the month. Funny thing is I have to look at my calendar and my Facebook posts to remember all of the places, gigs and parties I’ve been to.

Sora An and the Love Brigade at The Studio at Webster Hall April 24th, 2012

The whole month started with all kinds of buzzing about potential gigs and video shoots and birthdays. I actually kicked off the month by getting my Red Moon bass player Scott Fanzo to book us some shows and indeed he did. We got a cool little gig over at the Local 269 on a Friday the Thirteenth! That was already epic for a show and we tore it up for all of our great friends and fans (and an encore request which we were surprised and totally unprepared for). We blasted through the set and had one of the funniest, craziest nights we’ve had in quite a long time.

Red Moon – Friday the 13th, 2012

Did anyone get any pictures of us up there??? Geez. I was hoping to get at least one. UPDATE: A photo arrived today via Scott Fanzo courtesy of Eve Roytshteyn! Also… Note to self: No cheap-five-for-ten-bucks whiskey shots ever again. But it was a rock star night until the very end. I really want to thank all of my amazing friends for making it a night to remember.

The Bad Brains!

I got to see a TON of shows in April. I had the luckiest of run-ins with an amazing group of musicians called The Sky Captains of Industry over at Bar 4 in Brooklyn. I was just going out for some drinks and hanging out with friends when all of a sudden, these guys bust out with energy and voices and talent. I am a fan! I was also fortunate enough to catch a BAD BRAINS show at the Williamsburg Music Hall. Let me tell you, that seeing a mosh pit that massive was almost as entertaining as watching the show. The Bad Brains were every bit as tight as ever. It was like, play two hardcore songs, play a long reggae tune, play another attack of hardcore and then back to a slow swinging reggae.

Video shoot at Electric Lady Studios

On April 20th, I got one of my life-long dreams come true.. Sora had a music video shoot take place at the legendary Electric Lady Studios! It was one of the most amazing nights ever (at least for me it was). We filmed upstairs in the third floor, got the drum kit and a bunch of amps n’ stuff to simulate a ‘recording session’ type of atmosphere. Actually, we managed to plug stuff in and we jammed out for a few tunes.. We had actors, models, pizza n’ beer! I mean, I was mostly along for the ride but having such a blast. I hope I get the opportunity to play there again. I really really want to go back there. 🙂

Birthday and a gig!

Oh! and then my birthday happened! While the whole thing was blowing up online via email and my Facebook page, I had a really great afternoon with dinner and just a quiet outing. Lots of fun and very special. And THEN the very next day, I got to play a gig downstairs at Webster Hall. I gotta tell you, it was one busy week!

Up next on the show schedule was the great news that Sora An was getting an opening slot at the Studio at Webster Hall. The Studio is one of my favorite venues. Heck, the entire Webster Hall is one of my favorites. It’s one of those magical places that I pretty much spent my late teens and twenties at. I’ve seen hundreds of bands there. So for us to get a shot at playing there ware so very exciting. We killed it! I mean, we really jumped up on that stage and took over. Our fans and friends were there (on a Tuesday night!) in full force and we had the video director and photographers there. The club staff had no idea it was gonna blow up like that. There are many more pictures of that amazing night over on my facebook page and on Sora’s page.

The Space Shuttle

And then! The Space Shuttle happened! Dudes! I was at work when I heard that the big ass 747 shuttle monster had taken off from DC. So I ran it across from work all the way to The Highline on 10th Avenue to see the most amazing sight I had ever witnessed. As the massive aircraft slowly floated by us north-bound over the Hudson river. I will never forget that sight that I tried to burn into my memory and my hand trembled while holding my camera.

Here is my little video of the momentous occasion. I still get all teary-eyed when I see it. AND believe me, the phone video does it *no* justice. It was HUUUUGE when it flew by us. I will never forget it.

Family events

April also resonated with the tones of endings and new beginnings. Namely my sister preparing for her farewell performance in Florida. I think that it too deserves mention as it also points to new hopeful beginnings and renewal. I got to fly down to help out, as the family has for the past 18 years, as driver, gofer (sp?), baby-sitter, and back-stage proud big brother as she danced with her friends, students and daughter in a final dance company performance. The family was there and the love was everywhere. Even though I flew in just for the weekend, I felt like I had been there with my sis, Mom and the kids for a whole week. It was a great time. I need to do it more.

Next up, more shows, more music, more great experiences. And I am still working on my playing both on my bass and on my guitar. So much music to play (and keep straight in my head) and bigger events in the loop coming hopefully for the Summer of 2012. I am very fortunate to have so many people on this journey. I am very happy.

See you all Saturday May 5th, at McCarren Park, Greenpoint for the Go-Green/Cinco de Mayo fest, and then May 25th, June 22nd and a whole bunch of other dates that may not be confirmed yet.