A Friday Night with the 440s at Connollys

Rockin’ out with my new Strat and Godzilla… and Pat Gillis… LOL

It was a fun night out with the 440s at Connollys Klub 45 in Times Square. We had a lot of friends and family come down to see us (Mom!). We got the 9PM slot and we went at it as usual with a few hiccups but it sounded really good to me. The new Strat was soooooo good to me. I absolutely loved playing that thing. The band played a lot of original songs which were very well received. I really appreciated the great feedback. We don’t play our stuff out that much. I would rather play originals than play covers. I hope we can keep this going. I am very happy with our work and I love playing these songs with the guys. Many thanks to everyone that came down to share this moment with us. That was the best way to celebrate a birthday!


The 440s play Arlene’s Grocery in New York Thursday 09/16


Playing at Connollys Friday August 20th at 8PM

Oh boy! We have a gig at Connollys in Times Square! Was this planned? Ummmm, maybe? It’s gonna be the 440’s rocking out some covers and originals. Maybe some friends will come and joins us on-stage for a few songs… maybe not. I have no idea.


First show of 2021! It’s on!

OMG! I got a gig! First live performance since that crazy Christmas show in 2019!

I will be playing with “Pat Gillis and Friends”, also known as the 440’s, at Arlene’s Grocery on Monday August 9th at 8PM. But when you’re at the club, tell them you are there to see “PAT GILLIS AND FRIENDS”

Pat has a bunch of guest singers coming up to perform with the 440’s and hence the “and friends” part. Whatever man, we got a gig. Come on down and buy us drinks! 🙂