The 440s play Arlene’s Grocery in New York Thursday 09/16


Playing at Connollys Friday August 20th at 8PM

Oh boy! We have a gig at Connollys in Times Square! Was this planned? Ummmm, maybe? It’s gonna be the 440’s rocking out some covers and originals. Maybe some friends will come and joins us on-stage for a few songs… maybe not. I have no idea.


First show of 2021! It’s on!

OMG! I got a gig! First live performance since that crazy Christmas show in 2019!

I will be playing with “Pat Gillis and Friends”, also known as the 440’s, at Arlene’s Grocery on Monday August 9th at 8PM. But when you’re at the club, tell them you are there to see “PAT GILLIS AND FRIENDS”

Pat has a bunch of guest singers coming up to perform with the 440’s and hence the “and friends” part. Whatever man, we got a gig. Come on down and buy us drinks! 🙂


Summer Jams and Learning New Music

Rene at DUMBO studio 14July2016

It’s been over eight months and I am still finding my way to getting a band, recording, performing back on track. I’m not complaining, just stating the facts. I have been playing with two bands that are doing completely different music. I have learned a lot about playing covers, when NOT to play covers and generally how to balance out volume and sound and tone between so many different types of musical styles. While all of THAT is happening, I am still exploring musical ideas and recording all of those little bit and pieces that may ultimately end up being an actual complete piece of music for my own project. I’m not there just yet… But I know that I am close. My main goal is to find what it is I want to perform and what I intend to say through that performance. This is not about technique or soloing or showing off. It’s about finding my way to a musical expression that will be both enjoyable for me (and my band members) to play and should resonate with my audience. I mean, let’s be real, it’s a show and it’s about doing this in front of an audience. Right? I’ll get there. And when I do, we will have a great time. See you soon.


Yes. That’s my newest toy. It’s a 1994 Les Paul Standard. I cannot properly describe how beautiful it sounds and plays. It’s a rare gem with a TONE that made a lot of people look up in appreciation. 🙂



Red Moon shows and more shows!

And and fun and tours and soooo much blogging to catch up on! I’d better do it soon because it’s time for me to update the darn site again. I’ll be back soon with a lot more and also a “What I did this past summer: European version.” Because that needs to be told. 😀


Up Next:
The Bitter End – Dec 13, 2014 – 10PM

The Bitter End – Jan 16, 2015 – 9PM