Summer Jams and Learning New Music

Rene at DUMBO studio 14July2016

It’s been over eight months and I am still finding my way to getting a band, recording, performing back on track. I’m not complaining, just stating the facts. I have been playing with two bands that are doing completely different music. I have learned a lot about playing covers, when NOT to play covers and generally how to balance out volume and sound and tone between so many different types of musical styles. While all of THAT is happening, I am still exploring musical ideas and recording all of those little bit and pieces that may ultimately end up being an actual complete piece of music for my own project. I’m not there just yet… But I know that I am close. My main goal is to find what it is I want to perform and what I intend to say through that performance. This is not about technique or soloing or showing off. It’s about finding my way to a musical expression that will be both enjoyable for me (and my band members) to play and should resonate with my audience. I mean, let’s be real, it’s a show and it’s about doing this in front of an audience. Right? I’ll get there. And when I do, we will have a great time. See you soon.


Yes. That’s my newest toy. It’s a 1994 Les Paul Standard. I cannot properly describe how beautiful it sounds and plays. It’s a rare gem with a TONE that made a lot of people look up in appreciation. 🙂



Had a blast at the Williamsburg Waterfront

Thursday, August 19th – I performed with Sora An and her Love Brigade. Mostly for the parents and little kids that were there for the Lion King movie on the giant inflatable screen. It was adorable when we started setting up and all these babies started inching closer to the equipment. And then Sergio started warming up on the drums, oh wow. All the little boys would stand and stare at the drum kit. And then, there were a few kids walking over to Susan and wanting to touch the bass. It was precious. We had an amazing afternoon with a sunset that would knock your socks off and then to sit for a while to watch the beginning of the movie. Cuteness and fun all around. We wrapped it up with the most spectacular dinner in Brooklyn celebrating not just the performance but also Sora and Sergio’s birthdays. I must say, it doesn’t get any better than this.


See you at the next show.



Shows for August

Friday, August 6, 2010 – Awww yeahh!! We got gigs booked!


Red Moon plays an early gig at The Ace of Clubs @8PM

The Ace of Clubs
9 Great Jones Street (B’way and West 3rd)


With Sora An and her LOVE bRiGaDe – @6:30PM

The Williamsburg Waterfront
East River State Park **FREE**
N8th street and Kent
Brooklyn, NY


With Sora An – @9PM

Anyway Cafe, 32 E 2nd St (at 2nd Ave)
Neighborhood: East Village


On being creative…

Well, it’s 1:42AM on a Monday night. The trick to recording all the insane sounds in my head at this hour is to record in silence. That means, headphones and a good amp simulation/modeling plugin. Or, if you are like me, I use an external unit that I jam right into Garage Band. Yeah, I use Garage Band a lot. It’s faster to set up than Pro Tools and it fits the way I think when I need to record quickly before the ideas fade away like wisps of fog. No reverbs, no choruses, nada. Just record the guitar sounds as they come out of the amp. You can add the colors afterward.

Record everything. That’s my mantra for 2010. Record all of the tiniest riffs, ideas, chords. If you run out of hard drive space, go get a bigger one. And if that one fills up, go get another one. The expense is nothing compared to the potential payoff when you refer back to all the stuff recorded. It’s also a good way to get out all of the dumb, cliche, wacky ideas. The sooner you get them out of your head the better.



Happy New Year!

New York Became the Indie Music Epicenter Like Athens, Ga., in the ’80s and Seattle in the ’90s, New York — and especially Brooklyn — in the 2000s became the epicenter of an exploding independent music scene.

Really? I really thought it was somewhere else. But okay. I guess it was here. Were we all caught up in the middle of the storm to notice?

Happy New Year to all! May we see the fruits of our labors flourish and bloom brilliantly in the spring. Make more music, play with everyone you meet, write it all down, record everything and pack every venue. Share the joys of your hard work and send us home singing your songs…

Thank you for being there and being part of the music that keeps me going.