OMG Twenty Fifteen!

Another amazing year! I still haven’t been able to sit and get it all written down. I managed to top all of the previous years. I managed to exceed my own expectations and accomplishments. Am truly blessed and feeling very fortunate. I am grateful, humbled and very inspired to continue this trend. More practice, more creative time, more ways to get on a stage and just play everywhere. It’s going to only get better. ๐Ÿ™‚


Red Moon shows and more shows!

And and fun and tours and soooo much blogging to catch up on! I’d better do it soon because it’s time for me to update the darn site again. I’ll be back soon with a lot more and also a “What I did this past summer: European version.” Because that needs to be told. ๐Ÿ˜€


Up Next:
The Bitter End – Dec 13, 2014 – 10PM

The Bitter End – Jan 16, 2015 – 9PM




Bob Stewart was on NPR and I am thrilled about it.

I was just browsing through NPR and I see a familiar face! Bob Stewart was my Junior High School concert band teacher. He was the one to first put a baritone horn in my hands, then a trombone, and then a 1966 or 68 Fender P-bass in my hands that changed my life forever. I remember those days like they happened five minutes ago. He is at the top of my list of reasons why I play music. And there he is, still as inspiring as ever.



The Amber Flame

An unlikely find. To be honest, I was not looking. The guitar was among a small listing of instruments that I was researching. They usually have a rather high resale value and this particular auction stayed well below what I consider my purchase budget limit (I really need to stay away from eBay for a while!). But it is a beautiful guitar and yes, the price was within my reach. I did ‘snipe’ it at the last few seconds of the auction.

I cannot say enough good things about Fender American Deluxe Stratocasters. This 2004/2005 guitar is made up of a two-piece ash body with a flame maple top stuck on it, LSR steel roller nut, locking tuners, abalone dot inlays, modern C neck profile and angled neck heel with an HSS pickup configuration. The beauty and quality are only the surface features. These guitars sound and play beautifully. And they are road-worthy. They are strong and reliable on-stage and can withstand the rigors of modern-day travel through all types of pressure and weather changes.


An instrument restored

This post is a followup to my previous post about restoring a Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster “None More Black” model. I mean. It HAD to be written down! Today is the day I retrieved the guitar from the repair shop at 30th Street Guitars in New York City. After I completed my full restoration of the guitar and restored the electronics to stock condition, I asked Matt Brewster to fix up the ground wiring because I was unable to figure it out or get the technical documentation to get it right. Besides, now that Matt did his thing, I know this guitar will stand up to anything I throw at it. Thanks Matt!

Read the whole story here…


I Got A Fender American Deluxe and it is None More Black

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster None-More-Black 2005
It’s a rare find. The 2005 Fender American Deluxe None-More-Black Stratocaster. Only 250 were made. It’s as all-black as you could possibly get. Yes, that fretboard is ebony. I purchased it very (very!) used and it has issues. Nothing a little tender restoration can’t remedy. I’ll end this post by saying that I was almost ready to cancel the purchase when I saw how messed up the guitar looked. But man, that voice inside my head spoke up and told me, “Look at how worn that guitar is! That means someone played the crap out of it. It’s the mark of a well-appreciated instrument.”. So I listened to my inner voice. I am so glad that I did. Let’s get it back to full power… and then play the crap out it. ๐Ÿ™‚


I Googled myself…

I must confess that this is not the first time I do it. I check from time to time and see what the all-powerful and all-knowing Google has accumulated about me and all the stuff I post, promote or reveal about myself and my current events. On one hand, I find it fascinating and on the other, I feel like a bit strange about how much tends to leak out into the permanent (and don’t fool yourself, it’s really out there forever) mass of information for all the world to see and judge and, well, do whatever the hell they want with it.

I do know about the other “Rene Ferrer” humans out there. I really dig the fact that there are many guitarists named like me. And there’s a few photographers, poets etc. It’s a nice thing to know that I always wondered about especially when I was a kid and there was no internet. ๐Ÿ˜‰


A view from my point of view

Also because it’s about &*^% time I posted something! OMG I think I broke a personal record for lazy no-blogging.

Happy 2014 everybody. I was always here… Just busy keeping all the balls up in the air.

This is MY year. It’s already been amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚

See you at the next show!