Sora An – Love Is Why I Am Here
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Sora An’s EP is a an Alt/Pop/Rock collection of fun high-energy tunes which make you bop from beginning to end. From her bio page: “Illuminating the local New York music scene with her insatiable appetite for life, Sora An’s unrelenting drive to express her message of love, peace and light is felt through her melodies, lyrics, and voice….
Genre: Rock: American Underground
Release Date: 2011

13-X-20 – Radiosonic Temples EP (April 2011)
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The EP has been released! Oct 2011. MEGMAN (Byzar, Antipop Consortium): Vocals, programming, vocoder. And DJSTEFANOZ (Moody Mammoth): programming, recording, co-collaborator. Rene Ferrer – Guitar textures and effects.
This rare electronica duo creates from a diverse well of influences that draws on Megman’s alternative hiphop roots and Stefano’s atmospheric and minimal electronica background. 13-X-20’s love songs and political outcry form the base for this new electronic project.

Fiama - They Say Fala
Fiama – “They Say Fala” (June 2009)
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Fiama’s debut album “They Say Fala” is resonant with Brazilian, Latin and Rock-influenced tones fronted by one of the most unique, soft and dynamic vocal talents you will ever hear. Her songs are interwoven with a delicate balance of the Portuguese and English languages to convey powerful and poignant messages of love, life and yearning.

Out Of Darkness compilation CD (Aug 2009)
Various Artists – “Out Of Darkness” compilation CD
lead guitar for Ish Marquez on “Is There Really Such A Word” (Track2)

Out of Darkness, a charity CD, is music for Recovery and Healing. The monies raised from this project are being donated to help those suffering from Alcoholism, Addiction, and related Mental Illness. As important as the charity funds raised, are the songs that were donated to help those suffering. International Artists, through their personal experiences, composed these songs for their healing power. Please join and support us by providing referral to those in need of healing. The all star cast of international artists and their specific biographies are listed on the following Out of Darkness website: The CD is brought to you by Artists4Charity, Songweavers, and JOHnNY GRAY Productions. Johnny Gray is an independent music producer who works with a select group of international artists. Our goal is to bring independent music to the end listener. Our services include coordination, recording, mixing, mastering, production, artwork, promotion, and distribution. Our process is simple: Through the development of selective artistic relationships, solid management, and the integration of all the necessary project facets, we bring vision to reality. Thank you. For more information, please link to:

As a producer:

CD Production with Ish Marquez (released December 2009)
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Produced by Rene Ferrer
Mixed by Stefano Zazzera at Moody Mammoth Studio (
Mixing assistant engineer Luca D’Aversa
Mastered by Fausto Demetrio at Percorsi Audio ( Italy.