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ferrermusic will be back!

I broke it! Yeah, I was messing around with caching and speeding up the site… and the stupid caching plugin ate the whole site and started deleting static pages! AAGHHHHH!

I have managed to SAVE EVERYTHING and find almost all of the deleted pages. So Now I have to rebuild everything going back 15 years! OMG!

Why don’t I just get a “fresh start” and let go of the past? Because those moments are what got me here. I am made from all of those shows and tours and concerts. Some of them were just everything to me. SO I’m going to put it allllll back… and then some 🙂

Also, I did manage to skip entire years. I will re-build, restore, recover and back-fill everything so I have this record of truly an amazing journey.

I’ll be back soon! Stay tuned!


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Leave a Reply