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Rene Ferrer Guitarist

Creative compositions, guitars, and repairs

Working and Rehearsing and other stuff…

Yeah, life gets in the way sometimes. We go to work, we work on ourselves, we practice our music and we try to get our asses into a rehearsal studio. I have a J.O.B and I have other responsibilities and they sometimes take priority. OK. Big deal! We will be back in the studio really soon as the 440’s prepare for our next gig. Maybe a few soon, maybe after the holidays. We shall soon find out! In the meantime, the website needs updating, the gig calendar is still messed up and I need to stop everything I am doing (and I do a lot!) to just keep up with updates and website repairs. I think the site is pretty solid now. I need to make a few adjustments here and there. It’s all good. At least it works and I can keep hammering away at it. Cheers!