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Working and Rehearsing and other stuff…

Yeah, life gets in the way sometimes. We go to work, we work on ourselves, we practice our music and we try to get our asses into a rehearsal studio. I have a J.O.B and I have other responsibilities and they sometimes take priority. OK. Big deal! We will be back in the studio really soon as the 440’s prepare for our next gig. Maybe a few soon, maybe after the holidays. We shall soon find out! In the meantime, the website needs updating, the gig calendar is still messed up and I need to stop everything I am doing (and I do a lot!) to just keep up with updates and website repairs. I think the site is pretty solid now. I need to make a few adjustments here and there. It’s all good. At least it works and I can keep hammering away at it. Cheers!


Music update April 2023

The music continues! It really does! I have been working diligently, and consistently, with multiple bands and projects. I tend to go where I am needed. I have not really kept up with my own music projects (yet!). I am currently focused on working with singer/songwriter John Virag and his band as his guitarist. We have been doing deep work to get the tones, transitions and chord choices just right. And while that is happening, we are working a new drummer to keep the groove going. I expect to be performing with John very soon.

The 440’s just had a fun birthday-themed show on April 15th at Connolly’s Pub. We promoted the show like a sort of double birthday event for me and for Pat Gillis. His birthday was in March, and mine is later in April so we decided to have some fun and make the gig on the 15th a fun happy birthday moment for the both of us. We had a lot of family and friends come to see us! And I had several very unexpected surprise guests show up. It was good to get up there and play our original songs that the band has been writing and playing these past seven years. It was fun to show them off and really great see the audience reaction. It was a winning combination and I certainly look forward to doing that again at other venues…

In the meantime, I will continue here on the website, going back in time so to speak, and putting back all of those moments and memories that I have had the most fun creating and performing and sharing. It is slowwwwwwly returning. I will get it done by the Summer and it will be something I will commit to maintaining from now on.

See you at the next show!



The 440’s Played Connoly’s Pub

Oh yeah! We did the double birthday thing again this year. We did this last year and it was a total success so we went for it again this year and we called it Birthday Bash 2.0! LOL